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Chemin Bruton
Montréal, QC, H4K

514 332 7272

Our company


We define ourselves as a service-oriented firm. Our first priority is to ensure our clients’ satisfaction by putting their needs front and centre. Timeliness, attention to detail, schedules, and budgets are our means of achieving our clients’ objectives. In order to reach the aforementioned goal, we strive for excellence in the quality of drawings and through the careful and systematic observation of construction work. We also believe that good design ensures quality projects, liveable spaces, and pleasant experiences allowing users to enjoy such spaces not only for their function and comfort, but also for their aesthetics. Lastly, our team acknowledges that our work is not only limited to making quality construction documents, but also extends into the realm of communications. We are the communications hub between the building professionals, the client and the construction contractor, subscribing to the latest communication technologies to ensure proper flow of all documentation and information.


Our services include:


  • Architectural design proposals and working drawings for construction and renovation building projects
  • Site planning
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design
  • Construction site observation
  • Building inspection
  • Construction project management
  • Commercial signage
  • Computerized inventories of buildings and leaseable space
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable design principles

Office operations

The office of L’Architecte Arciero was established in January 1991 and now employs one architect and a team of full-time employees for the production of 3D simulations, preliminary, and working drawings.  In addition, a team of external consultants are periodically called upon for the production of other documents.

All documents and drawings are produced using digital media. All preliminary and working drawings are produced using CAD software, whereas 3D software is used to create simulations, renderings, and animations, which can be transferred to CD or DVD format for client review.

Mr. Arciero has also obtained LEED Green Associate certification, which confirms that the practice is conscious of environmental issues and strives to incorporate sustainable principles of design and construction wherever and whenever possible. As per the Leed principles, the office concentrates its efforts on the following practices:

  • Sustainable site planning
  • Searching for methods to increase water use efficiency
  • Striving for energy efficiency
  • Sourcing environmentally friendly materials
  • Designing to optimize indoor environmental quality

Finally, we are constantly searching for innovative design solutions to improve the existing strategies in order to design buildings with optimal systems and environments.



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